New Appointment
New Appointment

We're thrilled to announce that Ni Fan is the newest addition to the faculty at the China Conservatory of Music. As a highly accomplished musician and orchestra conductor, Ni Fan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our institution. Join us in welcoming her to our prestigious conservatory community!


Im Alter von 34 Jahren strebt die Dirigentin Ni Fan danach, eine der großen Dirigentinnen ihrer Generation zu werden. Sie ist die erste Frau, die eine Professur im Fachbereich Dirigieren am ”China Conservatory of Music” innehat, und außerdem eine der renommiertesten Dirigentinnen ihres Landes. Die lange Liste der Orchester, die unter ihrer Leitung standen, umfasst unter anderem das National Ballet of China, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, und so weiter.

Sie ist auch eine der wenigen, die es geschafft haben, in Deutschland einen Masterabschluss und ein Konzertexamen in den Fächern Soloinstrument, Kammermusik und Dirigieren zu machen.

Ni Fan, the Professor of the Conducting Department at the China Conservatory of Music, also teaches at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin. Additionally, she is a visiting scholar at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and serves as the resident conductor of the China Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ni Fan has conducted many famous orchestras including the Saxon Wind Philharmonic, Zaafran Ensemble Berlin, Ensemble Adapter Berlin, LUX NM Berlin,Ensemble Ö Zürich, National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Tianjin Symphony Orchest, Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra, Shaanxi Symphony Orchestra, Jilin Provincial Symphony Orchestra, Lanzhou Symphony Orchestra, Guiyang Symphony Orchestra, Hongkong Chinese Orchestra, Beijing Chinese Orchestra,and has conducted the Anhalt Philharmonic Dessau in the famous “Implus Festival” for two consecutive years. She has collaborated with the soloists including Xiaogang Ye, Bin Huang, Siqing Lv, Weiling Xu, Mengla Huang, Zhijiong Wang, Bixia Wu, Haoyin Xue, Li Lao and so on. She has also conducted numerous world premieres and which were highly appreciated by the composers.


范妮曾与德国莱比锡交响管乐团、 Zaafran Ensemble Berlin、 Ensemble Adapter Berlin、 LUX NM Berlin、Ensemble Ö Zürich、中央芭蕾舞团交响乐团、北京交响乐团、上海爱乐乐团、深圳交响乐团、天津交响乐团、浙江交响乐团、四川爱乐乐团、陕西交响乐团、吉林省交响乐团、兰州交响乐团、贵阳交响乐团、北京民族乐团等合作演出。合作过的艺术家包括叶小纲、黄滨、吕思清、徐惟聆、黄蒙拉、王之炅、吴碧霞等,并曾连续两年在著名的“Impuls”音乐节中指挥德国安哈尔特爱乐乐团(Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau)。她指挥过的多部新作品世界首演获得了作曲家们的一致赞赏。2019年初,范妮在德意志歌剧院与柏林“汉斯·艾斯勒”音乐学院联合制作的三部歌剧中担任指挥,受到广泛好评。同年6月,范妮作为音乐总监参与制作了新音乐盛典(Neue Musik Forum),并于此后成功指挥了萨尔布吕肯德国广播爱乐乐团室内乐音乐会。

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Ni Fan possesses both a strong personality as a performer and an all-encompassing vision as a conductor.

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